For centuries, Tulum has been a magnet for spiritual seekers and aesthetes alike. Drawing upon the vast healing powers of the land, Casa Violeta’s Isis Spa is a perfect place to tap into the richness of the Mayan culture and its focus on wellbeing from the inside out. Our experienced practitioners employ ancient practices, along with modern healing modalities. The spa services can help you relax and heal on deep, restorative levels. Affecting your mind, body and spirit, Isis Spa services are also performed in a natural setting, with a view of the soothing sea. Close your eyes, exhale and let the concerns of your heart melt away.


The local shaman Carlos offers the Temascal, the Tarot readings and the Cleanses. Temazcal, a Mayan word meaning “medicinal house,” was a modality used by the Mexican Aztecs, Mayans and Native Americans in powerful healing rituals. A sacred ceremony, Temazcal uses hot volcanic rocks doused with healing waters to create a steam bath/sweat lodge atmosphere. This ancient process cleanses the body, mind and spirit. During the steam bath, Carlos will perform a traditional ceremony, calling in the power of the four cardinal points to open and purify the different parts of your character. The entire ceremony is accompanied by sounds of ancient musical instruments, such as drums and the digeriedoo, a Native American flute. The Temazcal helps maintain and restore our health and harmony on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, purifying the skin and increasing vitality. On an emotional plane, the Temazcal will unveil traumas, fears and emotional stresses that are stuck within. Once they are released in the ceremony, you have an opportunity to raise your own energetic vibration, creating a sense of true peace and balance both within yourself and the universe.

Biography: Carlos Sánchez Jautziya Wawiekame (born in México city 14-07-1977) Shaman and Curandero Mexicano (Mexican Healer shaman ). Since the age of 14 he developed his ability s under the instruction and support of his father adoptive family, which had noticed his gift to heal out the early age of 10. From generation to generation that family has mediums and healers women who pas the knowledge to each other and they are the ones that helped Carlos conduct and work with his healing gift. Since then he has used his talent to heal people from all kinds of backgrounds and religions. He latter, was introduced to the ceremonial way of the huicholes indigenous tribe from Jalisco Mexico by Marakame (elder healer or principal shaman) Don Miguel Salas who also shaved and taught him the secrets of their healing art. He was chosen by the huicholes Ceremonial and secret places elders’ council trough dreams as a marituma guardian of sacred places and sacred cactus Peyote trough a protection commission.

Professor and 15 year practicing of Traditional Combat Systems of Polynesian Islands Native People.

Delegate of National Indigenous Council Mexico.

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